Dec 1, 2012


  • 24 days till Christmas
  • 21 days till the “Rapture”
  • 30 days till 2013
  • 1st day of DIY DECEMBER

We have a ton of milestones ahead of us now that it is officially the first day of the last month in beautiful 2012. And I am dubbing it DIY December (and I am 100% sure I am not alone in doing so) and will be aiming to dedicate December to DIY fantastic’ness. Regular programming will of course continue, but a heavy of dose of DIY will flourish the pages of Amped & Dangerous! From inspirations to tutorials, hopefully I can convert some of you to become DIY fiends yourself :)

There will be some excellent Christmas present ideas and some of my favourite DIYs from the internet as well as A&D’s past! This also means that I am challenging myself to post at least once a day for the whole of December - which I am very excited about!

Wish me luck! Always check to the A&D Facebook page for daily updates too! So make sure you like like like! :)
Look! Even Ri Ri is on board.


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