Dec 24, 2012


Yes, yes I know...another Givenchy (Riccardo Tiscci) inspired DIY. But I have just been so inspired from his latest Spring/Summer collection for Givenchy that I can't help but to re-create the looks. Following on from my Givenchy Rottweiler inspired t-shirt, this DIY is another SS12/13 goodie. The Givenchy Black Patent Gladiator Sandal with Gold Detailing (to be precise). Its a pretty simple one too. But the only reason I haven't been able to create this one is because I can't find a good base for it.

The sandals in this look is heavy, aqua like and very sports chic. I remember back in the 90s I used to have a blue pair not dissimilar to these (sans gold chain of course). And I searched all over the webeshphere for a similar pair. But I think I was just inputting the wrong term in search engines, 'cause Sports Sandals doesn't cut it apparently. However, just recently I have been spotting sporty sandals like the ones from the runway all over Solestruck, Asos and such. 

I have below some brilliant options for the perfect base for this DIY.

So then you see, its a matter of finding the right pair for you and getting some heavy duty chain links (this one for example, is perfect!) and strong adhesive. Put all of these together and you have yourself a pair of very chic guilded sandals. Super easy really, let those babies dry for 24 hours and start sporting some tres chic gladiator sandals!

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