Dec 24, 2012


Another DIY December quickie for you today. I have a super easy how-to on customising your very own Christmas gift tags. Well actually this could translate to any kind of gift tags really. But in the jolly spirit, mine are for my Christmas gifts. 

I went with a nebular/space theme this year with my wrapping consisting of brown packing paper, purple and silver ribbon. So very chabby chic ;) This cost me nothing as I had all these stuff sitting in my stationary/DIY cupboard (more on this in a post soon!). The key ingredient, I have used to make them "customisable" is nail polish. Time to use old and crusty nail polish, haha.

1/ Stock Card
2/ Scissors
3/ Nail Polish
4/ Permanent Marker
5/ Hole Punch


1/ Cut your stock card into quarters.
2/ Then cut gift tag shapes - simply by cutting the corners off one end of the rectangle. 
3/ Start adding some details, I went with a simple dash design.
4/ Then choose your colours for some painting action. I chose purple, red, green and gold glitter. Then you just start painting strokes across the gift tag cut out. 
5/ Punch a hole.
6/ Add text: Merry Christmas (duh!). 

And that's it really! You can do so many different designs and colours, let your imagination run wild!

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