Nov 26, 2012


Good Monday morning wonderful people!!!!! 

How was the weekend? I trust you guys had an amazing one, what with most of you either at Stereosonic or had some Coldplay action. So lets continue our musical exploration with this week's serving of #NewMusicMonday!


Let’s start right with a bang! I love my fair share of break-beat and dub step, and I love finding tracks that manipulate these genres still giving the song some unique quality other than just the drum and bass factor. Bassnectar are so perfectly wonderful at that. His new one; Empathy (from the Vava Voom album) has a sweet hook accompanied by a few verses of rap. It’s a great running song. Bassnectar has been making music for over a decade now, and I don’t see him stopping anytime soon. Especially when he has a band of followers that frequent his spectacular live shows.  


If you love a bit of Mumford & Sons action, you will probably also fall in love with Wake Owl. They have an infectious indie sound but with a difference; they call themselves a hybrid of Nina Simone, Ravi Shankar, Neil Young and The Beatles. And I really dig it! Their debut track Gold is smooth and sombre. A perfect accompaniment to all our summer nights.


Where you been dude! Finally a new track from Odd Future’s lost soldier; Earl Sweatshirt. Story goes that Earl was sent away by his mother to a mission (don’t know where) to sort himself out. Hence all the “Free Earl” propaganda from the Californian collective. Earl has always been my favourite OF member, and this song is the perfect example of why. The dude is truly talented and doesn’t resort to controversial topics to make his songs stick. Earl sounds a lot softer, or actually even vengeful in this track, and you hear why in the lyrics of the song. In comparison to his older tracks like Drop, ePar and such, I think Earl is graduating to a new chapter in his musical repertoire. Woo! More songs please, Earl Sweatshirt.


Mesita is from Littleton, Colorado and is a musical project headed by James Cooley. He has three album under his belt, and XYXY comes from his upcoming album, Future Proof (due to be released 2013). It’s a super chilled song and I love the jazz inclusion towards the end of the song (around minute 3:30). I could listen to that all day, everyday! I am really curious to see what the album would sound like, if this track is our taste tester!

And that is the picks of the week lovely people! Hope you enjoyed the mixbag, and as I am always hunting for new music - please leave your suggestions on le’ Facebook page here. Please and thank you!


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