Nov 28, 2012


Its been a long wait for the second part of this post, but I have finally finished and photographed my DIY Givenchy Rottweiler inspired t-shirt complete! For part one of this post - click here - where I discuss my three fashion inspirations, as well as the actual Givenchy t-shirt that really spurred me to make this DIY. I would highly recommend having a squiz at this post first, so you get an idea of what this DIY is all about :)

Read it? Alright, so lets get with it y’all.

What you need:
1/ A t-shirt of your choice. I chose black, because my floral motif was on a black backing, so having the same colours, will help the shirt look more seamless. Picked this baby up for $8 from Best & Less.
2/ Photo Transfer Sheets. By far the most expensive item in this list, but very necessary for the DIY. You can get these at Office Works or Lincraft.
3/ No-Sew Bonding Strip (Optional). Also from Lincraft. I cheated and just used this to bond my floral motif to my shirt, but if you have some spare time - definitely sew on the floral motifs!
4/ Scissors.
5/ Floral Motif Material. To help embrace the flower child within you.

1/ Basically you want to gather your materials. As you can tell by now, I simply printed off my Rottweiler images straight from Google Images and on to the transfer paper and carefully cut them out. You want to cut as close to the edge as possible, so that you don’t have a weird outline around the images. Same goes for the floral motifs. 

**Make sure that when you are choosing your Rottweiler images that they are the highest resolution images as possible - or the largest pixels, this will avoid any blurriness when you print your transfers out.

2/ Place the pieces on your t-shirt until you have your desired combination. Then simply follow the instructions on the packs and iron on your pieces till tact! It's all an iron-on process, so its pretty simple. But if you did decide to stitch on your floral motifs, then I suggest that you sew the florals on first then iron on the Rottweiler transfers. You'll see below that I actually did end up stitching the floral motifs down, kind of adds a soft grunge edge to it too.

And would you look at that - you got yourself a brand spankin’ fashion forward t-shirt. I think this shirt is the perfect addition for your summer festival needs. Pair it with some high waisted shorts or a leather skirt, and you my friend, will be the belle of the ball. A sure conversation starter! 

I absolutely love this shirt, and I grab it almost every time I head out these days. 
Hope you enjoyed it! Talk soon, 


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