Aug 24, 2012


Happy Friday everybody! How have we all been?
Mui bien one hopes. Its been slightly quiet on the A&D front, and thats thanks to my impromtu trip to my home away from home: Melbourne. (more on that next time).

But today, I am here to share with you some very exciting (and perhaps fruitful) news to all budding street stylers out there. My friends at Westfield have sent me a fabulous email that they would like me to share with you! Westfield Chermside are on the look out for their most stylish shopper! Whether you're mixing high end and vintage, or even chain store and designer, Westfield Chermside wants to see how you put together your looks where the favourite gets to go home $1000 richer in Westfield vouchers.

Now tell me that's not worth getting dressed up for ;)

The competition is open to both ladies and gents and you can enter either online or attend the open casting happening from now till Saturday 25th. More details below:

**Online entries close midnight Saturday 25th Aug.

The picture I have used here (who I call Bam Bam, 'cause of the colours) is one that I took of a Brisbane skater in the city. I have always said that the way Brisbanites dress is effortless and very laidback. We let the fussy and the exagerrated dressing to Melbourne and Sydney ;) And I dont mean that in a negative way, I just don't think we celebrate Queensland/Brisbane style as much as we should. There are some amazingly well dressed people right here in Brisbane and the we definitely own the way we dress. 


So if you think you have what it takes - get entering people!!!!


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