Aug 14, 2012



You're either on the bandwagon or you're not. And being that I am a lover of a lot of social media (not prepared to say "all", cause what the hell is Kondoot all about???) I jumped on the wagon and said giddy up.

I have always struggled with trying to file or organise my many links and inspiration photos that I find from surfing the internet, and I thought I found solace in Tumblr -- but lets be honest, for the purpose of compartmentalising your internet finds and images, Pinterest just sh*ts all over Tumblr for this. I genuinely have used Pinterest for the use of organising and collating my inspirations in order to effectively complete my projects.

But if I am on Pinterest as a form of procrastination - which is usually the main reason a lot of day - then I am usually flipping between these two tabs. DIY& Crafts and Interior Design (or I guess now its Home Decor). I cant get enough of looking through pictures of these - but then following the back links to find the articles - for example, I found this awesome website just yesterday - all about hacking/converting/upcycling IKEA furniture into new uses. Oodles and hours of fun to be had here.

And its not just creative stuff that is usually on Pinterest, althought I must admit there is a surge of housewives/husbands and mums who pin a lot of naff stuff. There awesome health and food boards as well as motivational, travel and architectural boards that can help motivate and open your minds to the possibilities.

My favourites pins from my DIY inspiration/ideas & Interior boards.
Some of my other favourite boards include my Change Room (fashion board) and Visual Comm (design board). You can follow me on Pinterest here.



  1. Im hearing ya, sista! Pinning is ruling my world.

    1. Agreed! Its doing wonders for my crafty inspirations althought not so much for my piggy bank :S


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