Aug 9, 2012


Gone are the days that we preferred the sleek and simple Swatches to the gigantic, obnoxious sports watches like the classic Baby-Gs. Well, I am here to tell you that those bulky pieces of electronic 90s goodness are coming back with a bang! Although slightly more updated might I add.
I remember my very first Baby-G Shock Jelly Watch which I got as a "First day of School" present when I was 7 years old. The year was 1997, and my beautiful piece was a pale yellow (although that could have been the discolouration of continuous wear) and lasted me throughout primary school. It only retired because I opted for a more sophisticated change when I started high school.

There is something quite retro about these watches that adds character to your wrist. Wearing it with a stacked arm party is preferred (by me), in order to give it touches of femininity (as seen on the left) but the simpleness of a white attire and the bold colourful watch also works brilliantly (right image). 
Strictly speaking, the trend that I am seeing aren’t necessarily digital time pieces. I am talking about the overall look - the sporty and athlectic kind where words like "water resistant", "shock proof" and "shatter resistant" are all aim of the game here. I think this is by and large thanks to the sporty/athletic trend that we have seen coming off the Spring 2012 runways - Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang,  etc. So it was only a natural transition to see athletic and sporty watches make a comeback too. 
Alexander Wang

Jeremy Scott                                       Helmut Lang

So you could have a sporty watch sporting a digital face, or those that maintain a classic face. The below are some of my favourites I have seen around:  

Daring & Digital
Classic & Sporty

I am actually in the process of eyeing off this beauty. A classic brick red Baby G-Shock from Casio to add to my wardrobe. I think it will absolute killer worn with my (recently inherited) Camo jacket - and possibly an LBD.

Though this trend, quite possibly is more for the boys than the gals, I think a classic digital watch will/could/would look super chic when worn right. Perhaps a Jill Sander inspired outfit and worn with a bit of 'tude - it will be the perfect and most subtle way to give your outfit a polished and interesting finish. So get G-Shocked today baby!

Images:  • Tumblr • The Sartorialist 1, 2Jak+Jil • • Le Blow

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