Aug 6, 2012


Well hello hello, how are we all this fine Monday night? Hopefully you were lucky enough to start your the working week, with the live streaming of Lollapalooza on Youtube (Jack White & Childish Gambino were definitely my biggest highlights!!!!). However if you didnt get to witness some of those amazing live acts, then maybe you can lively up your Monday with some new music.

Ei Yooooo, how was that for segue! Haha!


To "Tessellate": Cover a floor with mosaics OR Cover (a plane surface) by repeated use of a single shape without gaps or overlapping. Now, how this is supposed to make sense of the haunting Alt-J song, I have no idea, but I have been replaying the track and the music video (above) to get some meaning. I think it has something to do with change and evolution?
But more to the point how amazing is this song? If you a Radiohead, Nick Cave, Magnetic Man fan, you are sure to appreciate this Alt-J track. Cause I definitely do. I left the full video up there, cause you haev to see how beautiful the video actually is. Directed by Alex Southam, "Tessellate" is a twist on Italian Renaissance painter Raphael's 'The School of Athens', set in a modern day gangster's paradise. Genius!


Yes yes, the controversial genre change followed by name change. Snoop Dogg Lion is out with a brand new track produced by the very talented Major Lazer (music project by one of my musical crushes Diplo). So lets break it down, it is super weird, but the song in itself is actually very good. If you like reggae of course! And I actually really like it (despite only liking reggae in small doses). I think Snoop's voice suits the song and genre to a tee - and lets not forget, Snoop is no stranger to reggae loving and has a lot of it influence some of his tracks. So take the B.S and the hate out of the argument,  and focus on the track which is actually decent! So I am very excited to see what else Snoop comes out with under the new moniker. But lets be honest, Snoop Liony Lion just doesnt have the same ring to it does it??? Lol.


So so so so happy to have heard this track! You might be noticing the beautiful neo soul and jazz singers that are coming out England and US in Lianne La Havas and Esperanza Spalding and finally we can call one for our own nation. Super talented group MKO (hailing from my hometown of Brisbane) has got me all excited for the growing and strengthening of the music scene here in Brisbane. This track is another Triple J Unearthed find and is also free from the Triple J site. And it just always makes me warm and smiley because of how smooth it is! I dare you not to be swaying from side to side while you listen to this song. And how gorgeous is that voice!


How much are we loving the tracks off of Plan B's new one Ill Manors! Every time I hear a song from the album, I feel like I am hearing the soundtrack of a musical.... which in a sense I guess that is what the album is. I am loving the new sound for Plan B - its a little bit more gritty and hard - which I guess is the theme for his new album. What am I trying to say here? Basically, that I am loving this album and this new single. I am yet to get the album, but this new song has convinced me that I should get it. So off I go to spend some more of my hard earned money at a record store. 

What have you been listening to? Feel free to share in the comments below!!!


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