Aug 5, 2012


My friend Aisnley and her sister and Mother - definitely best dressed trio for the day!
It was the first of an annual Vintage Fair which was hosted by the Queensland Museum yesterday, where there were streams of people parading in their best Betty gear and vintage wear. My friend Georgia and I went along to sell our wares as part of the Suitcase Rummage exhibition.

It was an awesome day out, and we had a great day selling our clothes, shoes, bags and some of my jewellery that I had made specifically for the vintage fair. The fair also had an awesome!!!! DJ (who I wished I had asked her name, cause I bet it would have been something cool!) who spun tunes from The Andrew Sisters, Aretha Franklin and The Kinks. We jumped, jived and sold the hell out of stuff ;)

These were some of the new pieces that I was selling yesterday, and I am proud to announce that not only did I get an amazing response from the lovely vintage peeps, but actually sold ALL MY NECKLACES :) Woo! But never fear, I will definitely be making more - and you can find the new ones over here at my Big Cartel. Click the images, for the individual pieces.

It really was a great experience, everyone that went was in for a good time and wanted to be emersed in everything vintage and retro. The stall holders were absolutely delightful and gracious! And again, you really couldn't beat the awesome tunes from Miss DJ in the pink feather hat! I think this was definitely one of the best events that the Queensland Museum has hosted - especially from a fashion perspective, that Whale Mall (where the fair was held) should really be utilised a lot more - its a great spaces wasted as a thoroughfare for commuters! Preach!

And now, I am back to reality and the present and off to another day's work :)
But tonight I am heading to Rics to go and see local Brisbane bands duel it out to be Brisbane's reigning unsigned band :) Woo!

Talk to you soon!

All images are my own, except for the three lounging 50s Betty's courtesy of The Courier Mail.  

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