Jun 6, 2012


Rawrrrr. Seriously feline friends, the clawed nail has seen a resurgence in the last couple of months. With artists such Gaga, Rihanna, Adele and Lana Del Ray all getting pointy - it doesn't look like its going to die away easily. So we might as well embrace the Wolverine inside us all.

There is no denying that nail art is much more of a "thing" these days. With giants blogs, pinterest boards and tumblr tags dedicated to the time and money spent on getting your digits looking prettified. Manicures are no longer seen as a luxury - its just something you do on a Saturday morning. You could easily drop $40 for a brilliant manicure these days. I am a big (and firm) believer that one's nails could make or break an outfit.

There is no way you can get the perfect claw nail without heading to a nail salon to get some acrylic fixed to your tips. Which isn't too bad, its not that expensive to get acrylic anymore, and if you're only fixing it to the top of your nail bed - its not going to ruin the majority of your nail bed. 

Nishita from Nia Says has a great video of her talking about her claw nails - where I first saw the emergence of this trend. I am not 100% sure on what I think of this nail trend. I kinda digg it but I also don't. I honestly think it depends on how people have them painted. 

The Del Ray & Beauty Crush version below are absolutely stunning! And I think this is definitely my favourite claw nail look. 

However this neon yellow claw nail from Rihanna is just a complete miss for me! Almost looks cheap. So I would say if you're going to go with this claw nail trend, less is more. Definitely easier to pull off and maintain. 

I'm just so confused. What do you think of this trend? Would you try it out?

I'm looking down at my nails now and all I can say is that they definitely need some professional attention. Who knows, despite what I have said above in relation to this nail trend. I might just come back from the nail shop rocking some pointy claws! 

But while you wait for that to (never) happen, why not check out the series of nail posts I have done in the past on A&D. Just click here. Till then, talk to you soon. 

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  1. I agree about Rihanna's nails she looks like a goblin... but Lana Del Ray's are so perfect
    love it great post X


    1. Goblin! LOL!!!!
      Yeah, would definitely agree. Claw Nails = Naural/Nude polish for sure.

      Thanks lady! Love your blog too!!!

  2. I can't say I love it. And it's not exactly something I would like. But, I do think Lana Del Rey rocks it like nobody's bidness.


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