Jun 10, 2012


It really shouldn't be a surprise that I am big lover of bright colours, and even bigger lover of accessories. Bright, blingy accessories. You know the rule "Look in the mirror and take one thing off before you leave the house". Not a fan. No offence C.Chanel, but I like my jewellery layered and completely covering. 
Man Repeller X Dannijo - The Mr. Dannijo Collection

So when I learnt of this special DIY trick of painting rhinestones, I seriously couldn't wait to get this shizz going. I have chosen to go with Tom Binns and Dannijo for inspiration. And boy oh boy is this a bright one :D

I was first introduced to this idea of painting rhinestones / coloured rhinestone from a friend at work - when she was showing me the new styles from Tom Binns. I thought they were absolutely beautiful. And they really reminded me of the Man Repeller X Dannijo collection. I am in the process of saving up for this little bright beauty - I cant wait to see if I can get my hands on it when I'm NYC. 
Russin Harpers Bazaar's Miroslava Mikheeva Duma in a Tom Binns (and an amazing Jacket!)
I definitely did not invent this method, there are so many amazing (!!!!) painted rhinestone jewellery DIYs on the internet. Style Edition was also inspired by Tom Binns and created this amazing replica; similar idea with this A Pair & A Spare tutorial, but Geneva uses spray paint; Bows and Studs makes a beautiful ombre effect necklace here; and finally (and this one if my favourite) Swellmayde makes choker style necklace using a combination of Sharpies and spray paint. 

So stay tuned amped & dangerous people! I cant wait to share with you this super simple, super cheap and super pretty DIY! 


Man Repeller • My own collage from Pinterest images • The Front Row View

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