Jun 18, 2012


Hello hello all! How have you been? Its been long over due I know, but finally we have a new NewMusicMonday! Woo! I am so excited with this weeks picks, then we're just going to get straight into it.


My anthem from the week. Santigold's new album Master of My Make Believe is killer. And this is definitely my favourite track from the album. And what cool track it is - very Santigold. From the shrill chorus to the rhymes that comes so effortlessly. I saw her on Youtube streaming live from a festival in Tennessee and she was just so enigmatic live that I just had go through her discography again! This one is sure to get stuck in your head, so feel free to thank me later :)


Very proud to bring you this one today. Cory Jreamz actually got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago with a link to his four track mix tape and Victoria is his debut! Hailing from Houstan Texas, this guy is already making waves on the internet with his EP, Polysemy. The dude seems switched on and very very talented - and get this... he is only seventeen. I am so excited by what he is creating - not only through his sound, but visually too like the clip to this song! So good luck Cory and thank you for the introduction - can't wait to see what you get out next!


Alright, so don't judge - this is my guilty pop pleasure and I CANT STOP PLAYING IT!!! You might know Labrinth from this other track Earthquake Tinie Tempeh. I really don't know what it is about this track that has me hooked but I have been noticing that I am slowly embracing more pop hits - although I blame this on the communal office radio that is permanently switched on B105... lucky the office doesn't mind the competition of my laptop speakers & iTunes. I do love Labrinth's voice and the way he sings this song with those pulses.. "Aiyaiyaiyaiyai don't know-ow-ow-ow..."


A cool band named Oberhofer hail from Brooklyn, New York (where I will be in approx 10 weeks) who's name sake is a winter sport and health resort in Germany.... interesting. This is cool  - if you like the local alternative/indie rock music scene here in Aus, you are bound to add Oberhofer to the list. Its pretty infectious and I can't help but smile at the very 'Brady Brunch' esque tiny piano (? I am clearly no expert on instruments) riffs throughout the song. Their debut album Time Capsules II (no, there isn't a I as far I know...) and boasts a full sounding record with great choice of eclectic instruments and melodies... I am very much enjoying these guys :)

So how about it? Enjoying the music? Maybe you want to share your own new music finds - I implore you to visit this page and continue the conversation :) Or leave a comment below of your thoughts of this week's four NewMusicMonday finds! 

Hope to hear from you soon!


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