Jul 3, 2012


A true pop culture style post. I have been thinking about this post ever since I found out my first couple below - I was just so giddy - two of my favourite actors together in Hollywood unison brought to my attention thanks to Who Magazine. And I thought I would start my first ever issue of ATM: At the moment with this subject in mind.

Celebrity couples have been a fascinating aspect of pop culture throughout time. Beginning with traditional Hollywood couples like Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner or Laurence Olivier and Audrey Hepburn ....ahhhh. There is an exciting element of watching your favourite screen/radio/print stars (for a lack of a better phrase) getting it on in real life. Bonus points if you have “on and off air couple” status. It helps to humanise celebrities and potentially show that Hollywood and movies can be real life. And I think we're slowly all getting back into celebrity couples now, after a long stream of celebrity divorce and separation - too depressing for us. And above all, who doesn’t love a bit of juicy celebrity gossip.

Warning: I do talk about these people like they are my friends, you’re either into it or you’re not ;)

My gosh, I couldn’t think of a more awesome couple of right now. I first fell head over heels for Andrew Garfield in The Social Network, he made wounded business partner look hot. But a bridesmaid no longer, Garfield is leading man in the next Spiderman movie, where Gwen Stacy is played by Emma Stone (so much better than Kirsten Dunst - anyone else find her annoying in Spiderman series?). And I dare to find anyone that doesnt like Emma Stone after Easy A (or Superbad). Two smart, talented and good looking yongsters - thank you Hollywood. Pending couple name: Mandrew???

Kimye for life. It really couldnt get any better than this, Music’s bad man and a bodacious reality TV star. It really is about time, after all their flirtation on Kim and Kourtney Take NY and countless of Kim lyrics on Kanye’s tracks - this couple was destined to be. I have a soft spot for the Kardashians, and I dont think I need to reiterate my well known obsession for Mr. Yeezy - so this couple is a no brainer success story for me. Maybe now that Beyonce has finally accepted Kimye, maybe the rest of the world can too.

I don’t know what it is about these two, but they get my pop culture heart a flutter. Maybe its the young love or the idea that finally someone (an Aussie) has been able to tame the once bad girl, Miley. On a more industry level, maybe more of Aussie & Hollywood pairings could help to bridge the gap between the two entertainment industries??? We already are seeing the effects of it on the small screen now - Mel B and Kelly Rowland playing big parts on TV (X Factor, Channel 7 and Everybody Dance Now, Channel 10).

So tell me people, who are your favourite Hollywood couple of the moment? 
Cant wait to hear from you!
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  1. Emma & Andrew? YES. They are all kinds of adorable. I won't comment on the next two, because I have nothing nice to say and my Mama always taught me that if I don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it haha. As for Miley and Liam... I like him. I goes through stages of liking her. I'm still quite undecided on her. But they make a sweet couple.


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