Jun 16, 2012


Woop Woop. I really cant help but smile when I see this DIY, because its so ridiculously simple and easy, that literally ANYONE could do it. Seriously people, if you have been hesitating.. you really need to try it.

As I mentioned in my post last, I was inspired by Tom Binns and the Mr. Dannijo collection for this DIY. But more accurately, I was walking around the city mindlessly (waiting for my bus) and found this necklace from Collette Accessories - it was 50% so I paid $5 for it. Five whole dollars! I was ecstatic. But it was too simple for me... I know, I know.. super rhinestone necklace, and here I am calling it simple. It just needed some oomph. So I knew it was the perfect necklace to try this DIY.

 Rhinestone Necklace. Try recycling - using vintage jewellery from Op Shops or costume jewellery.
 Nail Polish of your choosing.

I chose to do an ombre blue design, despite my inspiration (haha), but I needed something that wasn't orange, pink, yellow or red. I have enough of that. And, seriously. That is it.

I marked out my colours, before I started painting. That way you can figure out your design, before you start plopping colour all over the place. 

And you literally start painting. My technique was to start with a thin layer, then as that dries, you 'plop' a dollop of nail polish in the centre. 

And et' voila. You are done. And listen, you really dont need a top coat. But is you're paranoid - go for it. But it will give a different finish. The nail polish mattifies (love!) but the top coat will bring that shine back. 

I am so tempted to go out and get another one of these necklace so I can have another colour. Can we give a big round of applause to my Mother for superbly modelling my newest DIY.

Look we even think it looks splendiferous as a bracelet! 

Seriously, I don't think I can stress how easy this was. Try it. 

DO IT!!!!!!



  1. I think even I can do this! Love it Kaz. Elle x

  2. Looks awesome, dude! I've been wanting to try the painted rhinestone thing for a while too. I think I'm going to go neon. Because it's not like everything I currently own is neon.


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