Jun 1, 2012


^ I have been obsessed with this song all week. Purely because I have forgotten just how good it is. Some of my favorite people on this track. Click play and enjoy this issue of #iphonegraphy. As always you can follow me in Instgr.am - search for "kasturi_" or click here.

1. It is now fourteen weeks and counting till my massive trip to New York! I am currently counting down the weeks on my Facebook Cover Header.
2. These black denim have literarily been the best purchase I have made all year. So versatile and and comfy. How did I go so long without a pair of black denim!
3. Another satisfied customer of my D I Y Jewellery - Josie is rocking some new autumn'ish colors - it looks so amazing against her top there!
4. Ha! I got this text from my bank and snorted out loud. Against my better judgement I applied for a credit card for emergency purposes while I was away in NYC. But this text is the final installment in my preparation for my big trip.  I have nothing left to organise for the trip except my suitcase.
5. Last weekend my amazing friend Dominique, her partner in crime Stef and I demolished multiple servings of Black Star Coffee. We spent five whole hours at this darling java hangout in West End contemplating our lives, troubles and The Avengers.
6. Colour blocking is still in right? ;) I definitely have never worn this much color in my adult life - I felt like a strawberry smoothy. Yum.

***Wow, an overload of red, maroons and pinks this past week.



  1. Your colour blocking has made me want to pull out my hot pink stockings. It's gonna happen this week!

  2. You have to Shannon! Its all the rage :D
    I can't wait to see you rock dem pick tights!


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