May 24, 2012


When you receive an invite in the mail that doesn't tell you the details of what the event will entail, your reaction would be trepidation and caution. Mine certainly was. But when that invitation is a beautiful black stock with the words "Can you keep a secret?" and felix & slink embossed on it. You quickly change that initial reaction to - Oh helllllll yeahhhhh..

Ain't no part like a felix & slink party. And thats the truth. So people shouldn't be surprised to know that when the invitation went out with only a date, time and place - 300 people immediately RSVP'ed to the event off the back of the event organiser's name. Now thats cultural capital.

The next couple of weeks leading up the party saw some of Brisbane's talented and hippest social media technophiles using the party's hashtag as a common place for banter and guesses as to what the event was going to be all about.

So what was the party all about? A very clever unveiling of Brisbane's very own Indie pop band Sheppard. More on them in next week's issue of #NewMusicMonday ! Good venue, food and company were also an important catalyst for #thesecretparty - and really how could you go wrong with Magners Cider & GYG being supplied in plentiful throughout the night.

Sheppard (via felix & slink blog)

Being a social media technophile myself, I was absolutely wrapped to see that the two blank screens suspended throughout the party started to stream tweets, status updates, instagram photos and more thanks to the clever hashtag.

We even made a game out of it. Bianca of The SS Blog tweeted a very promiscuous "Kellie P is single and ready to mingle at #thesecretparty" which of course lead to multiple retweet and a lot of "Who is Kellie P #thesecretparty". In the space of two minutes Kellie P (second half of The SS Blog fame) was trending on twitter. Oh yeah!
A common scene on the night - everyone busy hash tagging! Super cool duo Chloe Cummings (Social Emissions) and Kellie Pembroke (The SS Blog) showing us how multi-tasking is really done.

An instagram, of my instrgam, being featured on the instagram wall at #thesecretparty. 
How Meta.

I mingled with some amazing people throughout the night and met some very friendly new faces too. All in all #thesecretparty was a great showcasing of Sheppard and a great night out for all those who attended.

Thank you to the amazing Elyse, from felix & slink for the invite!



  1. Loved this wrap up Kaz! hehe and you're right, so meta ;)

  2. Well how could I not include that haha! Probably one of the best part of the night :)


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