May 13, 2012


Lets all be honest, it doesn't matter if you were a kid in the 70s, 80s, 90s or the early 00s. You most probably had a version of denim overalls. And believe me when I say this, I had the long pairs, the short pair as well as the skirt version. Ohhh yeah, I liked my overalls. Or rather my mother did.

Denim Overalls - its totally the next big trend. I've seen dribs and drabs of this trend emerging through the masses. But its hard to distinguish how many of those early adopters were (1) spotted on their lunch break from having painted their walls/fences all morning in their Dad's old overalls and how many of them were (2) seriously wearing overalls as a statement.

The denim overall is rooted in American pop culture/fashion history starting off as workmen's clothes (no citation, so don't quote me on this). But I remember them as grungy 90s skater/androgynous outfits worn by only the coolest of Nickelodeon stars.
'N*Sync • Fugees • 10 Things I Hate About You Screenshot

The denim overall can be super chic nowadays, and can be worn in virtually any combination and with just about anything. I think thats what draws me to this trend. The fact that its versatile and can be both dressed up or dressed down - all dependent on the styling. 

I think the way Leandra Medina (Man Repeller and ultimate early adopter, picture below) has added a chic blazer to the mix, making this outfit look really "put together".

Alternatively denim overalls offer a casual addition to the closet that is different to just wearing a pair of denim jeans or khaki capris. And theres quite a lot variation you could do with the overalls. I love how this beautiful Swedish lady unhooks the overalls and has a relaxed vibe. And pairing them with the mustard platforms gives it a bit of 90s grunge and 70s boho feel. 

Where to get yours? Well you can forget eBay, I spent all night trawling through the site. I mean there are some pairs that are quite nice but most of them are very cliche and fake looking. I suggest a couple of other options though ranging from budget to high end. 

1. Levi Denim Overalls @ Urban Outfitters ($128.00) are pretty much as classic as you can get.
2. Vintage Overalls @ Raggedy Threads via Esy ($113.45) are nice and distressed with unique brass detailing.
3. Elizabeth & James @ Net-A-Porter (£270) another classic pair but with a lighter wash.
4. Ribbon Floral Denim @ Bank Fashion ($54) a printed short version - super cute. 
5. Maison Scotch @ Shopbop or in store at Scotch and Soda ($229.30) A bit more pricier than the others, but it has quite a simple front and its in a lovely wash.
6. ASOS Peach Denim Dungarees @ Asos ($73.00) is a coloured pair and is just too perfect for spring.

So I am hoping I can pick up where I left off in my childhood with the denim overall by reinventing my favourite childhood outfits. I vividly remember wearing overalls with a striped black and white t-shirt &  red Converse. I think this was one of a handful outfits that really began to solidify my taste & interest in fashion. In saying that I have given the below options, a 2012 update ;)

Elizabeth and James Denim Overals & Uniqlo Boat Neck Striped T-Shirt

Left side: Jeffrey Campbell Damned Loafers • Parka • Thunder Tote Bag • Marc Jacobs Black Watch • A+D Diamond Time XL Bracelet 
Right side: Topshop Oyster Boyfriend BlazerWittner Cookies BootsWitchery Hannah Sling Bag • Oliver People Sunglasses • A+D Horseshoe Bracelet

"What do you think of the overalls? Yay or Nay?
Leave a comment/discussions below."

IMAGESVintage Virgin • Alexa Chung via Cocolee • Gary Pepper Vintage • Collecting Melbourne • Street Peeper • my own collage of Google images • Man Repeller • Stockholm Streetstyle via TrendMill • my own set. 


  1. I say yes! I'm a guy and think overalls should come back in style. I wear overalls all the time!

  2. I agree SlimDaniel!

    I think overalls are one of those pieces of clothing that is truly unisex! Go for it man! Let the overalls take over! :)

    - Kasturi


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