Apr 30, 2012


Goooooood Morning.
I had a jam packed weekend! Attended Portable TV's Susie Bubble event. She is not only an amazing dresser and blogger - but an incredibly intelligent woman with great insight! I then got to see one of my favourite Aussie indie artist Chet Faker on Friday (ohhhh yeah, three gigs in three weeks. Its been great!). And it all culminated with a friends 21st and a great catchups with friends :)

Hopefully you had a good weekend too! Lets get jiggy with it and get to some #NewMusicMonday!


Alright so I heard rumours of a new Theophilus London track a while back - specifically it being recorded/performed live in Australia. And apparently it was this amazing track and it was first heard on the Triple J's airwaves. Its finally been re-recorded (now featuring A$AP Rocky) and been released. How amazing is this track. Its just so gooooood. Perfect MONDAY'itis song.

Click here to take you to the track.  
My friend Tegan got me into these two ladies - Seattle based duo TheeSatisfaction have some amazing tracks on this EP. My favourite at the moment being above - I think its the awesome trumpet loop throughout the song that gets me. I'm a sucker for brass instruments! But looking back, I actually first head these ladies on the Shabazz Palace album Black Up, and its no surprise really, as both albums are released under SupPop Records. But honestly, Anthony Fantano sums up this album the best here. You can also listen to the whole album on Youtube, seriously - if you love the sooth jazz mixed with some alt hip hop - you will love TheeSatisfaction's Awe Naturale.


I left the whole video up there, cause I wanted you to see Moruf kill it using only his Blackberry (and furious opposable thumb scrolling action) to rap the first verse. Oh my my my this song is amazing - and the video even more - as it reminds me of where I will be staying when I go to New York in August. I have been repeating the line "We're all kings and queens, so address me as your Majesty" ever since I heard the song on That Good Good Blog. I love Dami's blog for underground/alternative/indie Hip Hop songs. I can't wait to discover more goodness from Moruf.


Chet Faker was absolutely amazing on Friday night when I went to see him, I first wrote about him earlier this year in a NewMusicMonday post and was so happy to find out that he was playing in Brisbane. He was great to watch in his element just looping and producing while his band supported him with so much enthusiasm - even though he was very hard to spot past all the realllllyyyyyyyyy tall people up front! And boo to the production team who weren't really cooperating with Chet. I hope to see him fill somewhere like The Tivoli, Hi-Fi or The Zoo - he would do that stage so much justice. If you're digging this absolutely smooooooth song, then definitely check my other favourite Chet Faker track Cigarettes and Chocolate.

And that is it for this week, lovely people. If you couldn't tell I was having an urban themed week, excluding Chet Faker. As always share any new music you find along your trails here - and I will write to you soon!

Have a good start to the weeeeeeek!
- XOXO - 

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