Apr 13, 2012


Ever since I got my iPhone, I have been obsessed with this idea of iPhonegraphy and capturing the smaller details. And I wanted to share that on a weekly basis...

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1. I experimented with some ombre nails. It was a semi disaster, but then I found this amazing tutorial from The Beauty Department, so I am going to attempt this again // with my Lovisa armour ring.
2. My stack of books that are yet to be read (currently reading the last instalment of the Lisbeth Salander novels).
3. My beautiful friend Dominique and I attend Ig'Zist's 1st Birthday Party - there was a photo booth and it was fun!
4. Stacking up my D I Y bracelets (pssttt... after much cajoling, I have been convinced by friends to sell these online, so they will be coming!)
5. Customised stationary.
6. Some received chocolates for Easter, my mother got me a rose... Awwwwww.

And thats it from me today,
What have you been up to this week?

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