Apr 9, 2012


Hi Hi Hi.....
How are we? Either you're full of chocolate or full of work (and soon a full bank account) thanks to the LONG! Easter weekend ;) Either way, I hope you had a good one. Lets get on to it people!


Alright, this is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. But if you are open, and are willing to ride it out, click play and read on. * Let the fan girl behaviour ensue.
Many people hype for TV shows and movies (Harry Potter, Hunger Games & Twilight anyone) others meme the heck out of their favourite series of books/shows/movies... no judgement >> I fan girl the heck out of my music and it really is no surprise that one of my favourite musician/artist is Kanye Motherf***in West. Lead up to his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album, Kanye releases a (mixtpae) series of tracks filled with collaborations and new sounds - all available for free download. And I couldn't be more hyper about his series of G.O.O.D (Friday) Music to be returning. However this time around, they aren't "readily" free to be downloaded. You can purchase them from iTunes however. This track Mercy is the first cab of the rank released actually two days ago on Good Friday (Happy Easter indeed). Its so grimy that at first I didnt think it sounded like Kanye (especially after Watch The Throne), but it just build and builds. For me, its one of those tracks perfect for just you, your headphones and a walking/jogging/running track ahead. You can find and follow this new series over here. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Ahhhh, from one extreme to another. I bloody love Elbow and I have been obsessed with this track this whole week. Its not super new, but it is super adorable. You might have heard of Elbow from this popular song of theirs. The song reminds me of a famous Indian song I used to listen to when I was young, and I think thats why I really love this track. (So if anyone can help me identify the track, that would be amaze!). From their Build A Rocket Boys album, this track is a winner for me, and it really makes me want to check out their other tracks from the same album.


Alright so I have to credit Mother for this track. When I head This Head I Hold on the radio, I knew I liked it but could never catch who sang it. But Mother came to the rescue and educated wisely that in actual fact it was Electric Guest ..... and that she has been listening to it for a while now. ;)
Fun fact about Electric Guest its comprised of just two people (Asa Taccone & Matthew Compton). Fun fact Asa Taccone (lead singer) is the brother of Tony Taccone of Lonely Island Boys fame. Fun Fact #2 Electric Guest dont have a Wikipedia page. But considering how the boys are going, it wont be long now before they do. Especially considering their debut album Mondo (releasing in late April) is being produced by (genius!) Danger Mouse. If you aren't jiving around and dancing your blues away listening to this song - then there's something wrong with you.


I love instrumental tracks. And this one by Chill Bump is up there with other tracks from other favourite  instrumentalist of mine; Gramatik, RJD2 and Bonobo. And the sick hook at minute 1.15 is just what is needed to break it all up. Hadn't heard of Chill Bump before, but I am glad I have now. The duo are French and this track comes from their 2012 album Back To The Grain.

And that is all from me this week lovely people.
Hope you have a great week ahead of you filled with awesome tunes and hard work ;)

- XOXO -

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