Mar 25, 2012


I gave myself a challenge this last week over at the facebook page, that I would re-create the amazing Prada Sping '12 flower earrings through a DIY. And I think I have done well.So well in fact I made two pairs. A red pair (below) and a peach + purple pair!
For the tutorial, just click the Read More button below:

I was super inspired by the Spring 2012 jewellery collection from Prada. I think its super feminine and chic and simple to make yourself.

I bet you have these pieces in your jewellery collection ready to make your own pair, or you might need to do some hunting for the pieces separately. I had both the rosette earrings and the gaudy rhinestone costume earrings from previous purchases. Lucky... So this D I Y cost me nothing!

What you need (ps if you dont have these lying around, I have links below for places where you can get your supplies):
1. Rosette Earrings (any colour) Sportsgirl have heaps for about $6, or try this;
2. Gaudy Rhinestone Earrings try this, this, this, or even this;
3. Jewellery Pliers.

^^^ It doesn't matter what backing the earrings have, you can plier either off easily. I have both the hook version and a stud version below so you can see how I have done it.


Separate the actual earring part from the chandelier part of your rhinestone earring. 

Then its a matter of hooking the chandelier part to the back of your rosette stud. You can hot glue the chandelier part to the back of the rose stud if you want for more stability. But if you don't, you can continuously change over your rose stud to match your outfit : )

Then you just push on the backing of your stud, and you're good to go. 

See! So freaking easy. 
I also did a version of this for the peach + purple pair, for that you can visit my pinterest here

How did you think I went??? Pretty on the money huh???


  1. These are actually really cute. Sometimes I worry about fake diamante'd things, because they can look seriously tacky, but I love the earrings you picked to attach to the studs. Tres cute! xo


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