Mar 11, 2012


Hello hello all, Happy Sunday!

I felt like making another video for A+D, and have chosen to show you guys my nail steps and also sort of a mini tutorial on how I get my leopard print nails happening. Its so simple and you don't even need any fancy nail art brushes either.

For the video, just click read more : )

I just used colours that I had left in my kit that needed to be used up. So this nail look is perfect if you have half empty bottles. It can be in any combination, you just need to follow some simples rules. You need a base colour, a lighter shade and a darker shade so that you can achieve a cool contrast YOU ALSO NEED toothpicks.

The rest of the utensils in the video isn't that important. I just wanted to show you my routine, and what some of the utensils are, 'cause no one really seems to teach you this stuff : )

Cutex Top + Base Coat • O.P.I Chopsticking To Your Story • Rimmel White • Cheapo Black

Lol, messy - but I couldnt wait to clean it up and share. I just started snapping away. 

Have a try, its so simple!
Talk soon, 


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