Feb 11, 2012


Why version 2?? Cause this shizz just got MP4'ed yo!
In other words, I have a video on my process of making hand made birthday cards. For more on the b'day cards click here.

Recently it was my friend Jayde's birthday. And I made her a birthday card, and decided to film it too. So you can see how it goes, people have been asking to give them a more in depth talk on my process... but I thought it would be cooler to show you.

**Music: Gramatik - So Much For Love. 

Click the read more link, to see close up images!

Now I know I totally have sped it up, but this literally takes me 15minutes. So next time you're thinking about "wasting" $5-$10 on a birthday card... save it and make your special someone a card. So simple - and recycling those old magazines - is an added bonus too! And I think the results speak for themselves.

Again, you can read about the finer details on how I make my cards over here.

Thanks people, hope you enjoyed a bit of variety on your Sunday morning at A+D.
Talk to you soon, and have a great rest of your weekend!
- XOXO - 


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