Jan 4, 2012


Apologies for no NewMusicMonday post this week.
I was frolicking around Queensland Tennis Centre for some Brisbane International Tennis action.
I'm not the biggest sporting nut on this side of town, but I do love the tennis.

I booked some impromptu tickets to the night's match between Stosur v. Yakimova and Baghdatis v. Harrison. And off we went. We arrived a couple of hours earlier to find that Nova were putting on a small gig before the matches outside the stadium on the grass.

And just my luck, Monday night belonged to Ball Park Music.
AND THEY WERE AWESOME! I found watching the small gig, that I love Ball Park Music and a lot of their tracks. They have such great energy, and the lead vocalist (Sam Cromack) has one of the most killer voices. His jokes weren't too shabby either.

All in all it was an awesome Monday night with checking out Ball Park Music and checking into the first night of the Brisbane International. I got home at about 12:30AM, so didn't have time to whip up a NMM post. So hopefully the below tracks will ease you through the disappointment ;)

Will be back Friday with a round up post.
So until then, xoxo


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