Jan 1, 2012


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**My anthem for the year.

And thats another year done and dusted. 2011 was huge for me. I completed one half of my dual degree, I transitioned from intern to (fully fledged senior) publicist and decided to give my hair the chop.

With such big changes taking place, 2012 is simply going to be insane. I will be graduating from a dual degree, I will (finally!) be going on my pilgrimage to NYC for two whole months, and be part of some amazing ventures which may include a trip to Europe. So I can honestly that to me, 2012 is not the end.. its only the beginning

I hope that your year is filled with excitement, achievements and joy :) 
Here is to another year of blogging and Amped+Dangerous attitude. 

HAPPY 2012!!!

I almost always have resolutions for new years, and the past couple of years I have been pretty good in sticking to them. The goal is to keep your resolutions simple, achievable and inspiring. So I have crafted these three accordingly.

New Year Resolutions 2012

1. Save, Save, Save my monies. I'm going well, so I need to keep up the motivation. Cause I know that when I get to NYC, that I would much rather spend then having to worry that I might not have enough money to last me the trip.

2. Commit to better food choice. More of a hippy/healthy/in Vogue lifestyle. This means bringing in more fresh and alive foods (vegetables & fruits); less sugar and caffeine (I will miss you mochas..) and attempting to going vegan/vegetarian at least once or twice a week.. the progressing to three or four.

3. Say YES to everything. I have some huge opportunities and adventures coming my way this year, and I want to take full advantage of them. So I'm going to say YES and not be afraid of it.

I love sharing resolutions, cause I feel that if I tell people, then I have to make them happen!
I also love hearing people's resolutions, cause its motivating!

Do you have any resolutions??


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  1. You go superhero! What are we going to do without you for two months?! So proud! You deserve it. Can't wait to help you with your resolutions.

    Love, Elle x

    P.S Soymilk is da bomb!


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