Jan 28, 2012


Oh wow, I am really having a moment for menswear this week. I feel like I have lost touch with the world of high fashion... well the world of fashion that isn't street style anyway. But being introduced to the Style.com Mobile App has changed all that. So I would like to take a moment to froth over the amazing Fall 2012 season that has just walked the runway.

In particular, Jill Sander (my favourite for the season!) John Galliano and YSL. Honourable mentions to Burberry Prorsum for its reliable English goodness (and for putting the polka dot on a man.. oh so sexy!), Lanvin for their mob inspired business wear, and Bottega Venetta as I am loving the label's take on deconstructed garments.

The below is a concoction of BLACK!, leather, the roaring 20s and amazing accessories. And thats exactly how winter/fall clothing should be taken into consideration. John Galliano really has his way with 1920s; such beautiful silhouettes while Jill Sander plays with the notion of leather lunch bags. Oh yes, shall we let the consumerism continue with YSL's leather on leather on leather pairings? Y(SL) Yes we shall... And can we please pause for those beautiful gold plated mens shoes....

All images sourced from Style.com


          Chuck Bass???


And that is all...
Until next time fashion fiends. XOXO


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