Dec 7, 2011


Gooooooooooooood Morning!
How are you lovely people this fine Wednesday? I am fabulous. Spotty and fabulous ;)
I am here today with another TRENDY post. And I am sure we all saw this one coming.

The polka dot. 
Its simple, classic and very feminine. But this hasn't stopped the men in sporting these in a very stylish way! Marc Jacobs the classic polka dot a revamp in his Spring/Summer 2011 show and since then its been sported by many good people looking for a timeless yet striking look. 

The polka dot. 
Is also one of the most flattering of prints. It covers and hides a lot of bumps and ... more bumps ;) 
I am slight more than obsessed with this Gorman Spring collection. I am coveting that sheer white top with the polka dot sleeve and the cream polka dot pants :) 

The polka dot.
This season it seems, that the classic black and white polka dot is what seems to be in vogue. Weather its double polka dot, or mixed with some other pop colours (like the cobalt blue shorts below) I have also seen some mix their B&W polka dot mixed with leopard. Not trust me, it looked gooooooood!
And if you can't commit to a complete head to toe polka dot look like below, opt for either a pair of sheer polka dot stockings or the Jeffrey Campbell Foxy's above (available through Solestruck or Jeffrey Campbell online). ORRRRR the beautiful! Victoria Secret polka dot rucksack below. Although I do believe that this lovely is sold out. Sad face. 

The polka dot.
I think looks the best and on trend if you pick a fresh mix of colours. Like the Marc Jacobs top as worn beautifully by Blake Lively for Glamour Magazine. Its sheer (yay!) and all white. Perfect for summer 2011. Or the mix of red and white polka dot socks as worn by super cool dude in the last photo :) Another way to update the polka dot (cause if you're like me, we're probably raiding our op shops for polka dots from days gone by) is to mix prints. Like I mentioned above, when I saw the lovely lady mixing polka dot and leopard, I was like damn! Girl knows how to mix and match, and it really just transformed the two trends to another level. Or even notice (below, Blake Lively) how the green snake print boots mixes really well with the blue and white polka dot sox. It just works

So let mix it up a little and get your polka dot one. But I tell you one thing you should try and avoid.... looking like Minnie Mouse :) Good luck!

Have a lovely day people, and I can't wait to see how you're mixing up the polka dot!