Dec 14, 2011


Heyyyyy Hoooooo, Heyyyyy Hoooo.
So, I had the pleasure to join the incredibly talented (and super nice) BB from Sargasso Sea on their Planet Kepler shoot this past Saturday. I practically stalk on Sargasso Sea and their unique aesthetic. Plus these girls are hilarious and add a breath of fresh air in the whole blogging world :)

It was a brilliant day, filled with glitter, DIY fashion and expensive clothes. Team that with a beautiful location and incredible photographer in Ben Robinson and his assistant Dave, and you have one surreal shoot. Believe it or not, aliens stranded in woodlands makes for some beautiful images.

The shoot featured some Foxton Danger, Carla Zampatti, Reverse Garbage, BlackMilk, various vintage finds and one amazing jacket by fashion student Kathleen (check out below). I helped out with hair and makeup and assisted in some styling. My favourite moment was attempting to recreate glittery lips and having to crouch down whilst holding up a makeshift corset. Oh the life... But I think mostly, it was just really cool to hang out with new friends and some really talented people.

Thank you so much for Sargasso Sea for inviting me on board!!! 
For more inspirational images and to support local talent, visit Sargasso Sea and Ben Robinson - cause they truly have talent + inspiration covered.

On to the behind the scenes:

Going for more an ethereal alien. BB getting ready to create the billowy sail look.

BB; Creative Director and one half of Sargasso Sea // Amelia, our beautiful model for the day posing her glitter filled lips. She. was. a. trooper.  

The team trying to show Amelia how to do the BATMAN mask with your fingers.. took a couple of tries. // But by george, Amelia got it in this second shot. 

Our second model for the day, aptly nicknamed woodland nymph, Gabby. She is rocking that BlackMilk Green Galaxy dress (worn as a top) with those sickkkkk shorts DIYed by Sargasso Sea // The top picture is definitely one of my favourite shots. 

That incredible jacket by Kathleen // 
Dynamic duo: I just know that this shot is going to be amazing! 

 I absolutely love this last shot of Ben and Dave. It reminds me of the Vogue editorial featured at the end of The September Issue, where Grace Coddington captured the documentary team in a colour blocking fashion shoot

Check back soon, for the finalis images :)