Jul 4, 2011


I found out some amazing news. Bloody Earmilk have got me all excited for this new and highly anticipated collab. The single and album cover from Kanye West's and Jay-Z's collab project 'Watch The Throne' was leaked this morning, and it is like amazzzzzzzzing!
The cover is going to be some sort of metal and the songs are just so so good.
I didn't realise how much I missed Jay-Z's voice till I heard 'That's My Bitch'. The title is questionable, but the song is not my friends.

Watch The Throne's album cover.

Along with the Watch The Throne single, I have a couple of more songs for your New Music Monday pleasure.

2. tUnE-yArDs - Gangsta
You gotta love a good anthem. I am so loving tUnE-yArDs at the moment. Her album W H O K I L L is like so good! You guys just need to go out and get the album. You might know tUnE-yArDs from her song Bizness, which has been playin on the Triple J waves.

3. Raphael Saadiq - Goodman
Wow, you might have thought that when you play this song that I have in fact given you an old 50s tune. And no, this is the amazingness that is Raphael Saadiq - he transports you the golden ages of rythm and blues, just to see how much he is era (just slightly updated) you just need to search his music video for Lets Take A Walk :) This man makes me smiiiiiiiiile.

4. Matias Aguayo - Rollerskate
What can I say but that I absolutely love this song. Matias is a techno/dance DJ who has taken his hand at making an album full of soundscapes and worldly music, most probably inspired by his travels and upbringing (South American born, but grew up musically in Germany and travels to Paris to gig). I love it.

So there you go, for another Monday :) I actually am writing another post on top of this which you can read here. I was going to put it at the end of this post.. but that just will not work out :S

Hope you are well, and are enjoying a great holiday!


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