Apr 20, 2011

YSL Arty Ring

Kind off..
I found the most amazing copy of Yves Saint Laurent's own iconic Arty rings, surprisingly at Lovisa.
You got to check this place out man, it is a treasure trove of jewellery. I thought Diva was good, Lovisa does bigger and better!
The real YSL Art Ring:

I was calmly sitting at my desk (at my internship) when I noticed my work buddy's own REAL YSL ART OVAL RING. We got to talking about the YSL collections, and she told me about this Lovisa find. I literally speed walked, after work, to the store in the city to go and have a squizz at the ring.

I picked up this YSL'esque rings for $5.
I kid you not, $5!!!!
It bears repeating...FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS (AUD)!!!

The quality of the stuff in the store is amazing, of course I am not going to be surprised if it tarnishes.. but oh well. Apart from that, they are made very well and with very durable material.
There are so many other rings at the shop that I want my hands, or rather on my fingers.


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