Apr 22, 2011


So there aren't really that many blogs that document this fair city's (Brisbane) fashion and its a down right shame.
(Unless of course you count sites like Street Peeper or Face Hunter and such, who occasionally visit Brisbane and feature a quick post).

There is one huge one being headed by Fashion Hayley and her team for Sydney (for that one, click here), and I mean come one almost every street style photographer stops down in Melbourne, so Melbourne town gets a fair bit of street style love. They even have their own section on Stockholm Streetstyle.

So I bring you a brand new street style blog to add to your list dedicated to showcasing the trendiest people in Brisbane.

I find that Brisbane style is effortless and eclectic. We don't try to be what we're not.
And this is definitely appreciated by the blog. We're trendy.. but we're so laid back, that it doesn't look like we have walked straight out of the pages of magazines, be that Vogue, Frankie, Grazia, or Mens Health.

Finally, a decent Brisbane street style blog!
Better late then never I guess.

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