Jan 17, 2011

NEWMUSICMONDAY: Indie, Local and Instrumental.

Well good morning all! Its a new week, and it is a Monday.
I find that a lot of people detest and resent Mondays, but recently I found this image from just surfing the world wide web and though this is a perfect way to change all that.

I personally love Mondays, I feel like its giving me a fresh start to begin my new week, a new habit and new trends. And fittingly I am starting to optimise my blog by posting a regular feature on Amped+Dangerous: New Music Mondays. 

This week brings us four new artists that I have found through my endless search for new music. And I have been heavily loving instrumentals/experimentals and very nuevo jazz stuff. Its chilled out music and can sometimes be a little eerie. My love for this type of music comes from listening to Gotye, Mark Ronson, dubstep, RJD2, and so on. I find that music with a complicated instrumental section and not much lyrics really makes me calm. I also feel that most of this type of music are mostly in minor chords (oh yeah.. here comes my knowledge of Grade 11 and 12 music). I love me some minor chords. Especially when writers use minor chords and the song still sounds happy. :)

Where do I go hunting for new music?
Quite frankly everywhere... I do a lot of digging and listening. The way I look at it is that there are tons and tons of new and FREE music on the net that you can search for. Its like any good research, and I am very good at researching and finding new info - I kind of have to be in order to be ahead of the rest. And once you find that one band/song/album that you love listening to.. you're hooked to keep looking for more on the net.

I do a lot of Youtubing and blog reading. If you love some good old Hip Hop - definitely check out Good Good Blog. This girl is so amazing and has some siiiiiiick music taste. I also know for a fact that Dee loves The Hype Machine as much as I do. I also found a new blog; This Bonus Track. I love what these boys are about. Spreading the love of new music for everyone to enjoy. So if you love any of these Indie genres definitely go and check these guys out.

1. GUTS - The Livin Aint Easy
A very talented French band, who I found whilst searching through one of my favourites outlets for new music: Hype Machine. And then I read more about them at This Bonus Track. This song uses a sample from Summertime, which is one of my all time favourite songs. This version is so hip and cool. The Guts are very hard to find so try searching other blogs for more of the band's material. Their other stuff is also very very cool if you like this one. They also have a new album coming out soon called The Stomach. Cant wait to get my hands on it.

its a quick time file :)

Oh wow, what can I say but that I am absolutely in love with this song. It could be because it reminds me of a favourite Tamil song of mine.. but it could also be because of it smooth melody and perfect rhythm. The song has like perfect timing of all the instruments.. but still is able to tell a story without any lyrics. It even has a splendid build up to its bridge. Okay enough.. just listen to it. Bonobo is from the UK and has a lengthy portfolio. I believe he is a DJ, but more on the production side of things.. all his songs are just crazy chilled out, something you would love to have playing while the rain tap tap taps on your window. The steaming tea/mocha on the side doesn't hurt either. My other favourite from Bonobo is Ketto. 

Bedroom Sanctuary are a Malaysian Indie piece who have melodies that would make angels fall from the sky. It doesn't hurt that the lead singer also has one of the smoothest voices I have heard since Sinatra. He also has a killer set of hair. Lol, anyway.. Lagu translated from Malay to English is simply: Song. And thats exactly what this song is all about. Its simple, catchy and makes me wanna bop along every time I hear it. The band is based in KL, Malaysia but have also travelled to Australia for some gigs. The band seems to be a underground favourite overseas and is slowly building an immense fan base. This man also performs under several different aliases. Bo, Amir Iqram, Mr. Fluff, Bo Amir Iqram. Crazy. Myspace / Youtube

4. jj - Still
jj, are a Swedish band whom I have never heard of until last week lol. This song is so, oh so pretty. And that is all I know people. But I do have some links where you can check out some of their other stuff. Last.fm / Wiki. They have been cited as one of the most elusive bands known on the scene now.



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