Jan 9, 2011

Lah Lah Land Bazaar: Jewellery and Vintage Clothing Galore

No, I am not Ke$ha'ing it up.
I am simply happy from my little trip to Lah' Lah' Lands Global Business Park Bazaar that happened today at Petaling Jaya.

The ubiquitous word lah ([lɑ́] or [lɑ̂]), is a Malaysian colloquialism  used at the end of a sentence, can also be described as a particle that simultaneously asserts a position and entices solidarity.

Lah Lah Land itself is sort of a hybrid of an online boutique, blog, fashion movers and shakers and event organisers. I found out about their fashion festival/bazaar through their blog here. And can I just say it was sooooo cool.
The jist of it?
They hired out a big hall and got vintage boutiques, online fashion boutiques, fashion bloggers, designers, thrifters - pretty much anyone from the world of thrifting and vintage shopping to set up shop. And the people of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya came and shopped :)
If I compared it, it was basically the Malaysian Suitcase Rummage, except in air conditioning and with amazing music blasting.
There were ornate and vintage jewellery. There was newly polished handbags and those with worn leather straps and YSL badges. Lah Lah also got vendors with some reallllly old school vintage clothing.
Saw some amazingly well dressed people, some ridiculously good quality vintage items.. I tried to ask some of the vendors where they get the stuff. But they were on to me...they weren't giving away their gold mines to nobody. And of course I bought some stuff. And the  price for most of the stuff being sold were actually so reasonably priced. None of this trying to rip you off stuff that happens in Brisbane.

Vintage clothing is only just taking off here in Malaysia/Kuala Lumpur. So you can still get your hands on some very good quality stuff at bargain prices. Its like how they used to be. What I bought:

Vintage Military Envelope Purse (RM50 = AUD$20)

 Adorable Leaf Earrings (RM5.90 = AUD$2)
 Feather Earrings (RM8.90 = AUD$3)

I went with my beautiful cousin, where I got her a shirt and we tried on heaps of jewellery. And ended the day with some delicious cupcakes.

for more information on the event and its vendors.
1. Lah Lah Land: blog / facebook
2. Bee Yin: She had some real one of a kind jewellery and a look that is so unique (especially for a resident KL'er) and her blog shop here.
3. Small Porcupine: where I got my gorgeous, ridiculously priced earrings from.
4. Zikkos: They were such nice girls (they gave me a voucher code for their store YAY), and were rocking some of their pretty jewellery, loved the head bracelet.

Hopefully it was as much a success for you Lah Lah kids as it was for me. Cause I am sure that this should be a monthly event!

kazz, ☮ + xo.


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