Jan 2, 2011

MTV's The American SKINS!

Looks very very disappointing.

Happy New Year Gang! Hope your New Year Eve was amazing, did you get dressed up and party like it was 2010?

As we head into January 2011, I and many other have been feverishly anticipating the Americanised version of Skins being premiered by MTV in the end of January 2011. Heres the trailer. For more hardcore fans, we would have seen this back in October 2010. But I haven't seen it being passed around here in the Australian webesphere.

Got the video of Perez's site. And he is right - the show looks like a major copy of the original series. From the characters, to the styling and the blatant NO NAME CHANGES. Its literally a carbon copy of the original Skins with American actors thrown in. Well, except for the fact that MTV changed one of the characters. Maxxie is no longer, MTV has changed the popular gay character to a lesbian counterpart.

Its The Office controversy.. all over again.
I honestly do not undertand why they just remade it? The original Skins was amazing. Nothing needed to change. So I definitely get why MTV just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V (copy and paste). But it wasn't like the original series was in different language so that the American audience couldn't understand it?? I just don't get it.

It was actually painful to watch this trailer. Anyone else hear a faint/fake English accent in some of the characters in the trailer? Its creeeeeping me out.

I really wanna hope that this is just for the first episode, and that they just get some screenwriters in there, before MTV goes in the red for this series. It will not sell, it wont have the same hype that the original Skins series has. I am guessing this is all that MTV is chasing. 

kazz, ☮+ xo.


  1. Dearest Kas.
    I watched the US trailer the other week and I HATE it. It looks SO ridiculously fake and shit. The accents also make it sound really cheap and it also makes the acting look incredibly crap. I hate the look of it. I SO will not be watching!! I don't know why they even think it could compare to the original.

    Anywho. Hope you're having a fab trip. I am unconditionally and irrevocabally in love with Misfits. For reals.

    Miss your face!
    <3 Jayde xo

  2. Errrrrrrr Americans ruin everything!! Did you see LOL with Miley? I refused. I loved the French flick so much.



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