Jan 3, 2011

Guess Shoes, Iced Teas and nose rings in Kuala Lumpur

I am sitting here at my grandparents house, a quintessential, wood paneled walls and granite floors, Malaysian home blogging on my Mac and drinking an Iced Lime Tea or a Teh O' Ice Limau. If someone were to take a photo of me right now, it would be the perfect balance that is my hometown Kuala Lumpur  (KL).

I am here in KL for the next month and a half, and though I make this pilgrimage every year, this time around my trip back has been one of the longest. Therefore, I am here to just relax and do everyday things. Well an Amped+Dangerous version of everyday activities. These consist of:

A bit of lounging around, watching a lot of movies (I need to catch up on my Tamil cinema), shopping, driving. And this is only the start of it. The good times are about to roll in the next couple of weeks! My amazing friends, Chloe and her sister Kirsten are coming down to KL town for a visit. So, I cant wait to show off this city to them! Plus some of my family members are coming to visit during an important Hindu ceremony/holiday: Thaipoosam. I am hoping to bring my EOS along for that one. But it will be tough.
I have been weirdly taking photos of movies, I like how it turns out.
 I just loved Raavanan starring Aishwarya Rai and Vikram, and the cinematography for this movie is like mind blowingly genius. Check out the trailer << Seriously although you might not understand the dialogue.. you just need to check it out

Shopping: KL is one of my favourite places to shop. Suria KLCC being at the top of the list. Because for its variety and abundance of shops. The exchange rate also doesn't hurt. Although I have been having to save my money for my Bali trip which is coming at the end of this month.. I cant wait for that! I have sufficed some of my shopping cravings, new shoes (a pair of Guess, a present from father) and DVDs but I am still on the hunt for a polaroid camera for my cousin. Apparently they are pretty cheap here.. and if the rumours are true - I am getting one. Um.. I also have had to buy a new suitcase cause I have just wayyy to much stuff. Crazy.
 Guess Shoes, they were MYR$100 - so around AUD$30-$40. Also my DIY knitted flower ring, more on that here. And of course the BB. 
Check out the vintage light switch :)

I also managed to get through a 3 hour ordeal of getting my nose ring changed. I wont bore you with the crazy details. But basically I wanted to get a new nose ring and it ended up that I had to get one custom made and it had to be pierced into my nose about 4 times. And honey, this is KL and I come from a traditional Indian family.. so we did it the old school way. There was blood and there was pain. But I love the result.

These just some Photobooth pictures, I just cant get my EOS to take a pic of my nose ring.


kazz, ☮+ xo.


  1. where did u buy ur nose ring?i wanna get one too..i live in kl aswell

  2. Hello Dolly :)

    I actually got my nose ring custom made with a family jeweller. But Masjid India in KL would be my next bet for some cool designs.

    I love my nose ring. Hopefully you find one!

    Thnks for your comment,
    xx K


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