Jan 23, 2011

Converse, MAC, Beaded Bohemian Bag, DIY

In my never ending search for cool accent pieces, I have been inspired to pick up this cool beaded bag. We see these bags any wehere with a beach. Its like a staple tourist item when visiting an island. I use to carry many around me when travelling but as soon as I bring them home I find that they are just not big enough for my everyday things.

Until I saw a picture on one of my blog reels where the blogger had the beaded bohemian bag around her neck as a necklace.. I was like woah. I need this. Now for the life of me I cannot figure out who it was. I swore it was the lovely DIYer A Pair and A Spare that sported one of these.. but I cant find the evidence. If anyone knows, please let me know :)     So what a great way to turn these bags into functional jewellery pieces. 
I bought a square one for everyday and a longer one to be able to fit my Blackberry and other going out essentials. But of course that is not all that you see here. I also splurged one another pair of Converse, khaki coloured. I mean, it is very silly of me not to own a pair in khaki. Very silly.
Also splurged one a MAC Eyeshadow quad. Now if you're ever in Malaysia, you need to get yourself to a cosmetic and perfume counter. Cause guess what, if you remember me telling you this a while back, cosmetics and perfumes are tax free. TAX FREE PEOPLE!!! So its very affordable.

I got everyday colours and one bright one including: Rice Paper, Romp, Espresso and Plum Dressing (working my way left to right then down). They are so pigmented and are really worth every penny. I wore them out one night, and they lasted till I got home.

Also, one last thing.
Check out this amazing DIY from the Honestly WTF girls. I cant wait to get my hands on some DIY stuff to make it.
Click here for the DIY.

I also finally got myself the new Photoshop for MAC, for I cant wait to DIY/Re-Design Amped+Dangerous.

[IMAGES] honestlywtf.com / ioffer.com

kazz, ☮+ xo.

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