Dec 4, 2010

tim fite x 3.12.2010

There is seriously nothing better than the feeling of uncovering a favourite new artist, or new music.
I come bearing some new music my friends.
I feel that this artist is pretty universal, his lyrics are genius - they are exactly what are running around my head at the moment. But seriously, almost everyone can relate to his words. The music alone is pretty amazing.

Tim Fite is a Brooklyn hip hop/soul/sample/reggae artist. He is knows for is mixing and sampling work. And the man can sing! I first heard his song "Why You No Pay Me" on Triple J, and I knew I had to hear it again. And twitter came to the rescue. I just tweeted the radio host for the program on Triple J  (Vijay Khurana) and asked him who the artist was and where could I please find it. I could not have been happier with his answer. The man is Tim Fite and his newest EP "Under The Table Tennis" is oh so good.

I love when artists do that, now I know some people might be saying "so what? Kanye has been doing that all year.. and so did Radiohead" Well, according to my research Tim Fite actually has been cited as the first ever hip hop musician to release an album FOR FREE ON AN ONLINE PLATFORM.

Websites are dedicated to him, musicians have collaborated with him and I am listening to his album on repeat. If you like The Roots, K'Naan, The Kooks, John Legend, Lupe Fiasco, Mark Ronson, you should realllllly listen to his songs and download the album. Its free, what have you got to loose? :)

Unfortunately I cant find any of the samples or songs on the net.
But what I can do is tell you my favourites:

#9 - Money Back - for all those times customer service just dont believe in "the customer is always right"
#4 - Not Covred - all about free health care..and it is spelled covred.
#12 - WYNPM (Why You No Pay Me) - I love this songs, its exactly what I am feeling and thinking right now. Ever get angry for when people just use your services/talents and dont bother to pay you, and you so thought you were going to be. And its wayyyy to awkward to ask why it is youre being taken advantage of.


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  • Did a lot of reading and youtube'ing.
  • Then off to meet my beuatiful friend at Bravos.
  • Great Night. Sangrias all around. 
  • I decided to break out my awesome Sportsgirl cargo jacket that I got for $40 reduced from $129.99. YAY. I also had bought some extra iron on patches for the jacket, which I cant wait to iron on.

kazz, ☮ + xo.

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