Dec 3, 2010

2.12.2010 + Useful Links + XMediaLab

Oh I like the sequence of numbers above...
«DAY 1                                            DAY 2                                        DAY 3»

As promised here is my explanation as to why I am undertaking the "a picture a day" dare. I mentioned in my post here, that this month of December is bringing me a lot of opportunities and networking possibilities to further my career. And I would like to share it on this space here.
Only by committing to this, can I ensure that I will be able to broadcast all that I learn, discover and come up with during these amazing few weeks. Sort of like a diary I suppose.

  • I have been fortunate enough to have been picked to represent my university on a conference being held (in my hometown) Kuala Lumpur
  • Its called XMEDIALAB and the theme for this global entertainment/new media conference is gaming and animations. And hollllllly mollllly, the guest list and speakers at this event is amazing!
    • Leah Hoyer Former Director of Development, Walt Disney Company (Los Angeles)
    • Din Altit – Producing Partner, Scorpio Studios (Los Angeles)
    • Frank Saperstein – Senior Vice President of Animation & Children’s Programming, E1 Entertainment (Toronto)
    • Stephen J. Davis – President of Hasbro Studios (Los Angeles)
    • international smorgasbord of big players in the entertainment and new media industry. Which is what I am alllll about.
  • I am very excited, as I also get to blog the event on behalf of XMEDIALAB, where I get to meet the so many exciting people. I am planing to be able to vlog the event (Shaytards style) and also take heaps of pictures and post them here. If not, then definitely on the XML site.
Its cherry on the top that its in KL for me, where the Kr8tif Festival is also being held & Facehunter is making his South-East Asia stopover in KL as well, during these weeks. 
And I am so keen to get a book signed, and a photo with the talented Yvan Rodic

Did anyone get to see him when he was here in Australia?

So with all these exciting things happening, you can definitely expect this blog to be a little nerdier  and fuller than usual.. haha :) But still I like to come at it from an interesting point of view. 
Well here's hoping.

Now on to day number 2.
  • It was gloomy, grey and perfect for some shopping.
  • I acted ever so kindly as a personal shopper for my good friend. The man needed some suits and shirts, and I was keen. Cause the best thing about going shopping with a guy, for a guy - is all the male assistants ... ;)
  • Then I came home, and did some work stuffff, thats why you get a screen capture. Its still a picture.
Fade to Black b'ground, Gossip Girl haha, iTunes, XMediaLab, Pages.
I am the epitome of Gen Y Multitasking. 

...I might need to invest in a point and shoot to make this challenge a little easier.. haha

kazz, ☮+ xo.

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