Dec 4, 2010

Rihanna inspired nails x 4.12.2010

«DAY 3                                            DAY 4                                         DAY 5»

  • Did a heap of work stuff - more work on biography and such.
  • Organised going away event.
  • The day was also so gloomy, you would think we were having an England summer. So, to bring a little sunshine I painted my nails. ...As you do.
  • I painted ainted my nails, after watching Rihanna's new song "Whats My Name" - which is surprisingly good. I wrote Rihanna off after that terrible album last year - Rated R. But this one is pretty good, and I hear the reviews for this album is pretty rocking.
I look like a crazy person.
A crazy person with sweet nails which scream SUMMER!!!

kazz, ☮ + xo.

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