Nov 4, 2010

spring/summer wanted list.

1. maxi skirts.
i have a couple, but i would like a couple more.
Vivienne //

Kajsa H. //

2. floppy felt hat.
also, side note, from what i have in my wardrove, i can kida recreate this look.

Miss Sellfridge // Polyvore.
The one I want is at Mombasa - its felt, its floppy, its back.
its perfect. and quite affordable.
perfect for when I am in Bali. :)

3. black milk's amerika swimsuit.
its just really flattering to be honest.

4. jeff campbells - foxy + lita.
in particular...

$159.95 -

$139.95 -

5. R+R.
kl and bali. yay!

6. pink blush.
either or.

7. new layout + design for blog.
any suggestions? it will probably take me a full day woooo.

8. bow tie.
in order for me to emulate the amazing janelle monae.

9. swatch watch.

10. an ipod.
my old faithful finally broke. :(
still deciding between an ipod classic or stay with the touch.

hahahaha... that last picture cracked me up.
thanks for reading dude and dudettes. :)
untill another late night.

kazz, ☮+ xo.

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