Nov 21, 2010

influences, and marketing geniuses.

I am a massive nerd, I think we can summise, from my one year of blogging.
With my love of technology and consumer culture, I lap up anything that defines style, trends and influences, especially when they are debated in an academic way.
So here I bring you two very different videos.
The first is an ad for Jawbone's new wireless bass speaker; JAWBOX.
I wont bore you with any of its speficiations, this video illustrates perfectly everything this little lego brick can do. Found this video when trawling through Reader feed, from Girl Geek Chic. (LOVE THE SITE!)

The second video I found when going through my Where did you get that? blog feed. I saw Karen tweet about the video, and I was so eager to watch it but my internet was down and I couldnt. I finally caught up with the video and seriously its a moment when you just sit back and just listen.
It does extremely attract to my fascination with cool hunting and trend spotting (especially after studying the subject for a whole semester).

Hope you have had a lovely weekend, I am now off to a pool party/end of univeristy party :D Where I shall indulge in photography, Gossips Sweet Lips and good times.

The outfit.
I quite like laying it out like this, to preview.
Rather than on myself. Hahaaaa.
topshop whit shirt // thrifted lilac high waisted pants // jay jays cardigan // sportsgirl skinny black belt
clinique happy // blackberry bold // kodak disposable 
diy tassel necklace // fossil watch // lovisa charm bracelet // diva skull ring // earrings from india 

image sources: // // my own.
*all videos have been sources. you should have stopped raging, and just read my references. ;)
till next time, one and all.

kazz, ☮ + xo.

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