Sep 28, 2010

M.A.C's Limited Edition Collections will be the death of my bank account.

Especially their new Venomous Villains Collection.
Venomously beautiful.
The packaging from M.A.C is one of the best in the industry I feel.

The Venomous Villains collection is in conjunction with Disney Co. featuring four villains from four different Disney movies. Maleficent (Sleeping Beuty), Cruelle De Vil (101 Dalmations), The Evil Queen (Snow White) & Dr. Facilier (??).
Everyone has their favourite Disney movie, but do you also have a favourite villain?
Villains are one of my favourite characters.
And I am kinda dissapointed that my favourite villain didint make the cut. :(

Ursula from Little Mermaid is my favvvvouritteeeeee villain!
Yes, and Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney movie :)
I mean come on! How the heck did she not make the cut? And who is Dr. Facilier???
Ursula is so fabulousssss! And imagine all the colours you could feature with her as a M.A.C Venomous Villain ;)
update: Dr. Facilier is from The Princess and the frog. Cool.. :|

Regardless this collection is still amazinggggg!
I have only bought one other product from M.A.C's limited edition collection and that was Fafi's Lipgloss. I just couldn't not get it. I figured that buying a Fafi lipgloss with its limited edition packaging, would be like buying my very own illustration signed by Fafi.
Which I have hanging on my wall :)

Now as much as M.A.C wants to call these limited edition, most often than not, its only the packaging that limited edition. Cause most colours are already in the M.A.C repertoire. But it definitely doesnt stop people from buying multiples of it.

**side note, I just saw an ad for Survivor's new series premiering tonight. Yewwwwwww

Here is some of my favourite from the collection. You can view the whole collection on the M.A.C website here. This is the US site, cause the Australia doesnt get it till after September I believe. One thing that is annoying and oh so frustrating is that, the Australian M.A.C stores are a helluva lot more expensive than the one in America :( - I worked out the currency exchange and all that, and we are being ripped off ladies and gents. LIKE BIG TIME.

So basically love everything in the Cruella collection.

More specifically:
                               Left: Innocent Beware               Blush: Darkly My Dear
                               Right: Heartless

So beautiful on brown eyes.
Left: Sweet Joy
Middle: De Vill
Right: Carbon (which I know is a normal M.A.C colour)

The Evil Queen Collection

More specifically:
Left: Her Alter Image
Middle: Vile Violet
Right: Vainglorious

Left: Sinister
The other is okaayyy...

Maleficent Collection
Again.. I like everything - its just looks sooooooo good!

Right: Dark Deed

Mineralised Eyeshadow Duo: My Dark Magic

Mineralised Eyeshadow Duo: She Who Dares

                   Nail polish: Bad Fairy               Nail polish: Formidable

Dr. Facilier Collection

MASSIVE DISCLAIMER: THESE PICTURES ARE FROM TEMPTALIA.COM (sourced at the bottom) - these pictures are wayyyyy to good not to source twice.
image sources: // // //

I know how I am going to be spending my tax return...
Who's your favourite villain?

kazz, ☮+ xo.

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