Sep 20, 2010

who would like to fund my OPI love?

The quality is subject to question.
But, for $20 a pop, the colours are absolutely deviiiiiiiiine ladies and gents.

I come bearing brighter colours that I am obsessing over this spring/summer.

At the moment I am digging white nail polish, a'la Rachel Zoe.
I got myself the Rimmel one, it doesnt go one very nicely - but it was pretty cheap. And white nail polish is only a fad.

 For a timeless colour I prefer the dark wine red colours. Like #1 pictured below...
When I have some more of pennies, I really want to grab myself #2, #3, #4 pictured below...
For donations to my nail polish fund please leave your name and credit card details below. Merci Becoup.

I am definitely not saying OPI is the only way to go - there are so many great nail polish brands out there, that do a marvelous job for half the price of these pots.
Some of my cheap favourites include - Sportsgirl + Australis
Australis sometime makes some of the most on trend colours months before other colours do. So if you want to lead the pack I would definitely check out their stand in Priceline.. and they are super cheap.
I was rocking the lavender nail from Australis wayyyy before OPI had its Shrek collection out (thats where Rumples Wiggin is from - the Ltd Ed Shrek Collection)

 #1                                 #2       

#3                                           #4 
Some new music I found in the last couple of days.
With two assignment due yesterday (Sunday... yes Sunday). Triple J was streaming on my Mac all day long. And I found some great older tunes.
Its on a youtube playlist again, so either listen to whole songs and let it automatically skip to the next one, or click the arrows to move forward and back.

1. Mamakin - To my table.
Nice roots music.. the video clip is also pretty sweet.
2. Big Maybelle Louise Smith - Black is black.
3. Big Maybelle Louise Smith - Thats a pretty good love.
How can you go wrong with a voice like that? And the pretty good love song is just right to get you shaking!
4. Hot Chip - Out at the pictures.
Love the long intro that blends into a feisty dance track.
5. The Streets - Same old thing.
Oh.. The Streets, I love pretty much everything you make. And this sample really sells the song.

Q: Got any new music to share?
I really need to add to my iPod. 
Leave suggestions in the comments below :)

I am challenging myself to document a whole week worth of outfits, the good and the bad.
Wish me luck, I really want to see if I can pull this off :)

Thanks for reading gang! Untill next time on....

kazz, ☮+ xo.


  1. mamma kin is excellent isnt she. she was one of the pre acts for the cat empire a couple of weekends ago - she sang this song! (she is married to John Butler, just a little fun fact for you if you didn't know ;)). C.W. Stoneking - love me or die <-- excellent song yo. love a lil bit of stoneking

  2. I've heard mamakin a couple of times, but never saw any of their vids - This one caught my attention, gotta listen to it some more :)

  3. Sometime Sinful Colors has similar colors to Opi. I call it the "poor gals Opi" - it is much more viscous and doesn't hold up as well, but you can extend the life of it with a base coat and top coat or two of clear nail polish.

    It sold at Walgreen normally for $1.99 a bottle but sometime on sale 2/$3 or .99 cents with a coupon)


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