Aug 25, 2010

Threaded - Vintage Night

I indeedy got to work on another Threaded. Easily some of the best fun I have had, and some of the best people, I have met through Threaded.
It was themed Vintage Night, with two boutiques showcasing their diggs before their official and respective launches.
We had Bones Lie and Damsel Vintage.
Damsel Vintage is up and running, and she has some amaaaazing stuff. I bought this great vintage gold cuff from Ruby, for like $5AUD - soooo affordable. But not sure if it was like a discount? Lol, I doubt it.

(...taken on my mac pro :)))) )

And I think Bones Lie Vintage is still tweeking its sites, before it goes live. But she too had some cool stuff. She described her stuff as raw, grunge and wearable. She was spot on.

So, for Damsel Vintage we went for a dark lip, reminiscent of the Subfusco show and neutral face. As for hair we went for sleeked side part with a low and teased pony tail. 
With Bones Lie, we concentrated on the brows - dark, luscious and thick ala Bambi. With nothing else on the face. The hair had a Alexander Wang feel to it, with a deep part and slicked side part.
Well the photos will make much more sense :)

Photos by Glitz and Malt - click here for their fb page
All credits to them - go to the page for more beautiful people. 
These are photos from the Bones Lie show. Once I find some Damsel Vintage pics... I shall put the link up here. 

seriously amazing clothes!

that is all :)
thanks again!

question of the post: 
do you wear vintage? if so where do you like wearing it to?

kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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