Aug 22, 2010


I am a consumer of many things, and these things change every month. On the dot.
I feel I am just completing my duty as a fellow Gen Y'er.
And here are some music/fashion//readings that I am digging, and think that you might like too.

As per usual, I have included a Youtube playlist of all the songs that are constantly on reply in my head these last few days. 
1. The Count & Sinden - After Dark ft Mystery Jets
Its catchy, the video clip is awesome! And is sure to be the summer hit.
Both bands are english...Listen when: On the beach, getting ready for a picnic or Dreamworld. Yes, Dreamworld.
2. Foals - Miami
Oh wow, foreeeevvvveerr I thought this band was called FolDs, and I could not find this song anywhere.. my searches kept coming up with BEN FOLDS. Um, try again Google. And! Check out the video clip, it has nothing to do with the songs - so it is great. Hahaha.. Listen when: Gardening, doing the dishes, or just on a lazy afternoon blogging away (as am I).
3. Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand
Words cannot describe hwo catchy this song is. Duck Sauce has come through with the goods again. This song is definitely a 50/50 dillema. You either love it, or hate it. I LOVE IT. This song definitely runs paralel to Pendulum's new one: the remix of ABC's theme song here
4. Sex Bob-Omb - Garbage Truck
Lol, now I added this Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack song - oh yeah, so this song is from the movie/comic Scott Pilgrim vs The World - and I am not usually a grungy music girl.. but this song and the sound of the band is pretty unique at the moment. This is my favourite from the movie, but there are some other great ones. Listen when: Cleaning the room? Or taking out the trash?
5. Miami Horror - I Look To You ft Kimbra
Sweet vocals and catchy tunes. A harmless summer sound. Listen when: cooking, or wanting to have a friday dance off with the roommates or work mates. 
6. RJD2 - 1976
I have always maintained that producers always, always! make the best artists. And RJD2 hasn't let me down on this one. The best way I have found to describe RJD2 is that you know, when you listen to a hip hop and you love it for the instrumental part but start to hate it cause of the harsh rapping of a rapper (:S)... well RJ makes those amazing instrumentals without the stupid rapping. (Dont get me wrong, I love my Snoop, Phrase, Bliss n Esso.. I am merely calling out the bad apples). Listen when: Whenever! Cause it is that perfect.
7. Uffie - Add SUV ft Pharrell.
ANOTHER BRILLIANT COLLABORATION! I must say that Pharell's little bridge section does steal the song for me. Just another great advocate for the bridge between Indie and Hip Hop artists. As in, Kid Cudi and Temper Trap, Bliss n Esso and Angus and Julia Stone... AND!!! DID YA HEAR THAT KANYE IS MIXING IT UP WITH BON IVER!!!! I cant wait for that. Listen when: Getting ready to go out!

<a href="">Gebbie Street by DZ</a>
  8. DZ - Geddie Street.
Now, some of you might not have heard of DZ before. But they are a Brisbane band and bloody talented with a iron clad stomach. As in downing a whole bottle of J├Ąger in under three minutes. Eeeek. This song is definitely worthy of another other mainstream band and check out their bandcamp site here. PS> they are trying to raise some funds for their trip to New York.. so help a fellow Brisbane-nite out will ya? They are having a partay to do so. Listen when: you download it for free on their site!

Yellow nail polish.. as Spring is almost here :D

Dark / filled eyebrows - ala Bambi :)  
...and Macca from Bliss n Eso.
My tip? Either go all out and get your hands on a brow kit. Orrrr.. grab yourself an angled brush and fill it in yourself! With either a dark brown, or a black if you're daring! Running low on time? Grab your mascara and give your brows its own coat. This works a bloody treat! A polished eyebrow seriously frames your whole face! You can literally walk out of the house with just that on.

Just finished: Tabloid Love by Bridget Harrison
It was reaaallllllyyyy good. 3/5

Now reading: LOUSIE BAGSHAWE! :))))) Career Girls and Glitz

Yen Magazine + Shop Till You Drop
Issue #45 The Photography Issue from Yen, was a great read. I have never bought Yen EVER! And I think i might be converted lol. Whereas Shop's Spring Issue, I am yet to buy. But, know I will love. I have been a Shop reader for a very long time.. and will continue to be one as long as they keep up the fabulous and amazing work. 

Blog: A Pair and A Spare.
This girl see's DIY in everything. Granted she doesnt put out a DIY tutorial as much as the next DIY Blogger, but she seriously gives you the most amazing inspirations. And I love that she gets a post or two out every day! 
Random stuff I am loving.

1. BBM'ing. Or in lay terms - Blackberry Messaging :)
Its cheap as in > free, if you're chatting to a fellow BB user. Which proves to come in handy in assessment time. 
2. Youtubing Fresh Prince of Bel'Air.
I was reminded of this show again from reading Larry's blog post on the style of the show from I'm The Only One in My Street. This shizz is funny! I remember watching it when I was younger, and enjoyed it but never really understood the jokes or comprehend that it was the starting point for our lingo that I/we use these days.. Lol I do definitely remember the theme song. IT WAS D'BOMB.

3. Chris D'Elia - Comedian
 HILARIOUS COMIC! Like Hilarious.....He has a great eye and notices the smallest detail of pop culture and subcultures. I LOVE THIS MAN.. And he aint to bad on the eye either ;)

4. Passion Iced Shaken Lemon Tea
I love my Starbucks.. and have only ever had the Cafe Mocha's iced and non-iced. And, I thought I need to branch out.. and I did. I love this tea.

thanks for reading all the way through.
that wasnt so bad was it?
lots of lava.
kazz; xo amped+dangerous.
img sources: bats magazine // google images // // tumblr // //

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