Aug 10, 2010

less shiny, more bohemian and mad men.

Ahhhh.... it has been so hideously long since I graced the pages.
Unfortunately in my hunt for The Rachel Zoe Project, my computer decided to catch itself a brilliant virus.
I hate this malware in particular. As it masquerades itself as a anti-virus program and cons people into giving out their credit card numbers to get it fixed. Pftttt, I am too much of a savvy Gen-Yer to fall for that. The annoying part of this virus is that it basically freezes any applications I open. No internet, No MS Word, Nno Photoshop.. No nothing.
Very very annoying. However it has been picked up this morning to go and get itself sorted. Yewwwww...
As I am still waiting for my new MacBook Pro, I have been without the internet and blogging world for quite some time now.
Enough of that now. I come bearing sartorial news.

After years of only hearing about what a hoot the Ekka Races is all about, I decided that I would quit being such wuss and actually attend this year. And being one of prioratising my closet before much else , I had to make sure that I had an outfit (case in point, I made sure I had a whole outfit even before I bought tickets to the races). Although, the races is infamous for its atendees in tacky shiny material and short short dresses combating high high heels, I decided that I would definitely take another approach if I wanted to feel comfortable.

  Hey if this is your thing, then go for it I say. But for those who want to take a less lazy option, try going for something else!

I tried the soft girly approach. Even the "oh, I just turned 18" cocktail dress approach. And honestly I just cant bring myself to wear something like that, cause its not me, PLUS I couldn't pull that off even if I tried. My first outing as an 18 year old, I was wearing skinny jeans and a kaftan with beads. Very far from a cocktail dress. Hahaha...
After trawling through my wardrobe, there it was sitting there ready for me to present it to the world. Its a vintage checkered turquoise 70s dress that I bought a while back which has a simple cut and ruffly shoulders. And I started to style a whole outfit around this dress. And I realised last night, that these pictures (below) from The Sartorialist definitely played an important part in the styling.


I paired the turquoise dress with a matching cardigan, belted together with a black slim belt from Sportsgirl + red clogs from Sportsgirl and some cooooool bohemian turquoise/coral and silver jewellery from Tree of Life. Also wearing my faux Alexander Wangs and probably a tan bucket bag :)

The first three images from The Sartorialist that inspired the Kentucky Derby esque ensemble.

So really the 40s in general.. haha with a Bohemian Twist.
Hopefully I can get a picture up here before I leave tomorrow morning for my champagne b'fast... where it will just be messy lets say.


cheers, untill another day! :)
thank again for reading.
kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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  1. LOVE upcoming outfit

    inspiration is spot on
    can't wait to see pics

    also, can't wait to for you to get your mac and share that warm special feeling we all feel. so we can welcome you to the club

    keep shining crazy diamond


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