Aug 4, 2010

cool cat with a floppy hat.

Ventured into Mombasa  the other day, after about two years of avoiding the store. After years of mediocrity and just plain ugliness, what used to be my favourite shop has found itself again. Granted, this might just be the Carindale outlet, cause it seems like they have a whole new staff on board, and a new manager. Anyway - the shop has now got some very pretttty labels stocked, one in particular which of course I cant quite remember the name of now, but will find out  and stalk them and share the love here.

Wow, that was wayyyyy off track. What I wanted to say was that, I walked in over the weekend with Mother and found myself drawn to their bright camel coloured floppy hat. No idea why, as hats dont seem to love me. I just have a wayyyyy too big of a head. But I can appreciate them on others. I tried it on, and this hat fit. It seemed to make my head look smaller. I did snort at the sight of me in a floppy hat, just dont think I have the gusto to pull it off - I turned around to Mother and she really liked it. On me. lol
I thought of it again last night, (as I was budgeting for a shopping trip today) and we spent some parts of last night discussing where I would wear such a crazy thing, and why, and with that. You know, the usual universally important questions. And she got me with one word: FESTIVALS. I was like Mother, you are the drug dealer to my fiendish consumption behaviour. She was absolutely correct. It is the PERFECT hat for summer festivals. I would not wear it any other time I don't think. So, I should definitely invest one, shouldn't I?
For the sake of avoiding skin cancer, and shading my eyes from the deadly Australian sun come Woodford Festival, Big Day Out etc..

But I tell you what, this hat reminds me of Galliano's 2008 Spring show. And I think the show and J. Galliano has something to do with me wanting a piece of that genius'ness.

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