Jul 24, 2010

so uninspired, and yet wanting to write.

i am in a bit of dillema.
university has definitely started. its going to be hectic this semester.
but on the upside, i am looking forward to the PR orientated subjects and the scholarship // project i got accepted into.
threaded is getting stronger than ever i feel. were getting bigger names to do shows with. threaded is the fashion shows that are held once in awhile here in Brisbane and it is awesome. i am being considered as much more part of the team i reckon. but that only means i want to contribute more. ie: styling :)
we shall see. oh, i also want to apply for an internship. ha!
and on top of that, i work and have 2 blogs to contribute too, which i love.
so its going to be one helluva semester. :)
i hope i cope. at the moment i am feeling a little overwhelmed.
so i need to stick to a schedule, and hope that people i work and collaberate with also are on the same wavelength. i cant stand unorganised and indecisive people. 
just makes goals and milestones unachievable.

i leave you with this:

the end.
kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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