Jul 19, 2010

spring/summer, i cant wait for you.

my new found drink (below) is calling out summer to me.
and i cant wait for spring/summer.
I think sartorial wise, definitely channeling: RACHEL ZOE/ KAREN BLANCHARD from Where Did You Get That and my new found look: Bohemian Punk.
hopefully, when I go up to Malaysia at the end of the year, I can run away to Singapore and Bali.
i am also kinda considering getting a Townie bike.
call it a fad, a cliche, whatever you may. but with wanting to be green and all... this is a more stylish way of doing so. ;) although i would much prefer an old bike that looks like the Townie, and I could just spray paint it.

 corona + lime wedges + lime cordial.




rrp: $996!!! goood joke. i think i will by a knock off. lol

kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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